Working Together for a Better Bella Vista

Tue, March 31, 2015 | Front Page, Golf, Lakes and Parks, Membership, Recreation

The City of Bella Vista and the Bella Vista Village Property Owners Association are working together to co-ordinate the use of the Association's maintenance equipment by the City as a result of the recent fire on March 29th at the City streets department building.
Mayor Peter Christie said, "On Sunday morning, I spoke to Association General Manager Tommy Bailey and informed him of the fire. We met the following morning and the Association offered the City an area at its Huntley Road maintenance facility to park City daily-use equipment and use of the Ark/Mo land to park the damaged equipment. Tommy Bailey also offered to loan the City available equipment, including a street sweeper and culvert cleaner. The co-operation and assistance of the Association enabled the City to continue our streets maintenance operations."
General Manager Tommy Bailey said, "Our staff will continue to work with City staff to co-ordinate the use of Association equipment to ensure that the City can continue to provide streets maintenance to residents and Members."
The City and the Association recently held a joint "Town Hall" meeting on March 24th and will be focusing on raising awareness and encouraging efforts to address the deteriorating, unsightly physical appearance of many homes and properties in our community. Together we can make our community look its best.