Private Lessons

Bella Vista POA Golf Operations offers golf lessons. Lessons include swing, playing and club fitting. Contact one of our golf professionals for more information.

$45 per lesson

Package: Pay for 4 lessons and 5th lesson is free

(Can be used for lesson, playing lesson, or club fitting)

Lessons available from Darryl, Gavin, Hillery and Alex.

Golf Classes

New 2 Golf Class is designed to introduce new golfers to the culture, skill, and fun of the game. Golf can be an intimidating sport, so the goals of this program are to introduce new golfers to the etiquette, rules, how to play, and the simple, basic swing fundamentals. A class size is typically 8-10 people.

$20 = 2 sessions

Each session will last one hour and instruction topics will include: putting, chipping and the full swing.

Contact Gavin or Alex for dates and times.

<center>Darryl Muldoon</center>

Darryl Muldoon

Director of Golf Operations
Bella Vista POA

(479) 855-5170

<center>Gavin Smith, PGA</center>

Gavin Smith, PGA

Head Golf Professional
Kingsdale Golf Complex

(479) 855-8123

<center>Alex Sanford, PGA</center>

Alex Sanford, PGA

Head Golf Professional
Highlands Golf Club
Scotsdale Golf Club

Highlands: (479) 855-8150
Scotsdale: (479) 855-8140

<center>Hillery Sence, LPGA</center>

Hillery Sence, LPGA

Supervisor/Teaching Professional
Tanyard Creek Facility

(479) 855-8133