Stephen L. McKee

Goes by Steve McKee

POA Member since:

July 2013


Managing Partner of Watercourse Way Holdings LLC
Financial industry for about 45 years;


BA Philosophy Southern Methodist University (1978)
Other courses in finance and economics

POA Committee or Board experience:

Appointed to the Golf Joint Advisory Committee
Attend and speak and view Board and other Committee meetings
Elected to POA Board on Members First Platform

Non-POA committee experience:

Attend and speak and view Bella Vista City Council meetings

Other Leadership Experience:

Self-employed about 35 years

POA White Paper Opinions: Keep Our Golf Courses; Two Choices (Public or Private); Keep Our Lakes Private; Restrict Watercraft; Fiscally Sustainable or Debtor POA (new).


Golfing, boating, fishing, card playing, pickle ball, hiking, reading, researching, writing

Candidacy Platform:

Our POA has come a long way over the last five years.  Before 2020, buildings were remodeled, but efforts were made to open all amenities to the public, close golf courses, and allow guests to pay less than members.  Thus, the value of being a POA member decreased.

By late 2019, our Members First transition had begun.  Members overwhelming got it, electing me to the Board, leading to our promises of the 2020 Plan.  Assessments increased and user fees decreased; usage boomed; emergency reserves rebuilt.  We morphed into a hybrid POA with specific amenities (golf, restaurants, certain trails) open to members, guests, and the public, while other amenities (lakes, parks, dams, recreation centers, and more) became exclusive for members and guests.  Thus, the value of being a POA member increased materially.

Members First works; let’s maintain our values; let’s keep our promises.

Thank you for your support and vote!