Jim Parsons

POA Member since:

August 3, 1998.


Soldier Green Beret, football coach and college professor.  Served duty in Vietnam and after thirty years of active and reserve duty he rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel.


Graduated from East Texas State University with a master’s degree and attended other universities.

POA Committee or Board experience:

Elected to the POA Board of Directors, but was quickly thrown off for his refusal to sign the loyalty oath to the corporation.                                                –

Non-POA committee experience:

Chairman of the Bella Vista Patriots and President of the Benton County Chapter of Transparency in Government Group (TIGG).

Other Leadership Experience:

Served on·the NorthWest Arkansas Community College Board of Trustees.  State Director of Christian Educators Association and President of Fin and Feather Club Lake in Atlanta, Texas.


Founding and conducting the 4th of July Patriot Parade and other patriotic events.

Candidacy Platform:

Colonel Parsons wants our current POA to go away along with the $305,642 annual salary of our CEO. We need to create neighborhood POAs that would better serve the residents. We need to have each lake and golf course to form its own POA, if for no other reason than to create a neighborhood watch group to prevent unwanted intruders from passing through their private property. Each neighborhood in our city has different priorities. For example, golfers in the Highlands have said they would like to create a Nationally recognized Golf Course to attract golfers from around the world to compete in the Highlands National Golf Course. On the opposite side of our city the residents in the Metfield area aren’t interested in that plan. All the people want in the Metfield area is to be left alone and not have their neighborhood turned into a concrete shopping lot.