Tanyard Creek Practice Center Update

Tue, March 31, 2015 | Golf

The redo on Tanyard Creek Practice Facility's back tee is progressing well with all new irrigation installed, tee surface leveled and new seedbed mix added.
This project was approved by the board to correct an unlevel surface and some surface drainage problems which have developed due to years of usage and divot repairs with heavy sand top dressing. We are allowing the mix to settle for several weeks and waiting on our sod supplier to release the new "Astro" Bermuda grass sod to complete the project. Astro is a new Bermuda variety that has excellent recovery from divots and heavy usage. It has been installed on numerous driving range and par 3 tees in Oklahoma and several in Northwest Arkansas. Several days prior to sod installation the tee will be laser leveled and a starter fertilizer application applied just prior to sod installation.
The projected date to install the sod, weather cooperating, will be the week of April 27th , with the tee being opened for use in early June. During the interim, while no work is being performed, the range tee remains open. Check with the Tanyard Creek Practice Facility's Pro Shop for open times and whether practice is limited to mats or the over seeded front tee not impacted by project.