Sports Fitness Class

Tue, December 22, 2015 | Recreation

New Name, New Time for a class Offered At Riordan Hall

Looking to improve your overall health as well as your golf, tennis, bowling or pickleball game?

Participate in Bella Vista Village’s Sports Fitness class (formerly known as Golf Fitness) and enhance your golf and tennis swing, while also improving your balance, posture, strength, endurance and flexibility.

Although the class was developed with golfers in mind, it is beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their overall health and fitness while enjoying time with friends. The class, which is designed for all levels of fitness, will begin Tuesday, January 5 at Riordan Hall, 3 Riordan Dr. Sports Fitness class will be held on Tuesdays and Thursday’s at 2:30pm and will run through Thursday, February 25.

Certified Fitness Instructors Peg Corcoran and Jean Kittelson will lead the classes. The instructor team will offer guidance on exercises to be done in circuit style, focusing on the core and leg muscle groups. Work is done at your own pace and intensity leading to a fitter you! The one hour classes will be offered at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Participants are welcome to attend as many of the classes as their schedules allow.

The cost is $3 per class, or $20 for 8 classes when a punch card is purchased. Class participants, without a current photo identification card issued by the Property Owners Association, will also be required to pay the Riordan Hall facility fee of $2.25 per class. Try your first class free, along with your POA photo ID.

For more information or to register for classes, telephone the POA Recreation Office at (479) 855-5073, or email