Scotsdale Progress Tours

Fri, June 3, 2016 | Golf

You’re invited to join Keith Ihms (POA Golf Maintenance Manager) for several guided tours of the Scotsdale Golf Course.

Keith is excited to share the progress with our Members and Guests and answer any questions you may have.

If you’d like to attend these tours, please meet at the Scotsdale Clubhouse at the time indicated below.


  1. The Vision Tour:

See the preliminary excavation taking place and learn about the overall concept/vision for

the Links inspired greens, approaches and the collars.

Thursday, June 9

10:00 a.m.


  1. The Green Tour:

See the establishment of the greens and how the sprigging of the green surface is done.  We’ll share how it’s grown and make a putting

surface in 8+ weeks or less.

Mid-July – final date to be announced


  1. The Bunker Tour :

See the unique bunker work being implemented and how we’re using a very new method of bunker construction.  You’ll learn how we’re using artificial sod to make the walls of the bunkers and how we achieving drainage in the base with a “Better Billy Bunker” system.

Early August – final date to be announced


  1. The Sneak-Peak Tour : Be one of the first to see the completed Scotsdale course and how the entire project came together –
    before the grand opening on September 7.

Late August – final date to be announced