Rain and Weather

Tue, June 23, 2015 | Lakes and Parks

Our village lakes have been flushed with a great deal of water this spring. This creates very dynamic and hard to predict, varying and changing conditions in our lakes throughout the spring. Overall the flushing of water, I think is a good thing, but definitely makes lake management more difficult. The excessive rainfall and cool air temps earlier changing to very hot temps recently along with more rain has caused some excessive filamentous (substrate) algae growth in a few lakes. We expect this in the spring time but this year it was delayed somewhat and then came on rapidly especially in Lomond. We do not have the man-power to respond with our in-house methods, but we've called in the contract herbicide applicators twice so far this year to work on Lomond and once on Avalon. Our own crew has treated Lake Norwood a couple of times.The process for applying algaecide requires warmer water temps and sunny weather. Every time the algae started growing we would prepare to respond and then the clouds and cool weather and eventually more rain, would return preventing us from applying the algaecide. We will continue to do our best to manage the filamentous algae growth as best we can.