Preserving The Future Of Our Parks and Infrastructure

Thu, May 11, 2017 | POA News

On May 18th the POA Board of Directors will take a vote on the proposed purchase of 14 parcels of land from Cooper Communities, Inc.  Here are some of the critical parks and infrastructure covered in this proposed purchase:

  • Tanyard Creek Park
  • Granton Park
  • Loch Lomond Park
  • The dock and boat parking at Lake Windsor
  • Three quarters of the large parking lot at Kingsdale
  • Portions of Scotsdale and Metfield Golf Courses
  • The golf course maintenance buildings at the Country Club and Golf Central

The POA hired an independent appraiser to determine the market value of the 14 parcels.  The purchase price, which is based upon the appraisal, is $2,646,500.  The POA will fund the entire purchase through reserves.

All 14 parcels are currently leased by the POA from Cooper Communities, Inc.  All but one of these leases expires at the end of this year.  While the POA has leased these parcels from Cooper Communities, Inc. for years, this is no guarantee for the future of these critical parks and infrastructure.  While Cooper Communities, Inc. has always been cooperative with the POA each time these leases expire, this does not ensure that a future owner of these parcels will be as cooperative.  In order to preserve the future of these parks and critical infrastructure, the POA took the forward-thinking approach of purchasing these parcels.

In an effort to be completely transparent regarding this transaction, a map and the corresponding appraisal for each parcel can be found by going to: