Lakes and ParksThu, December 22, 2016

We are pleased to announce that the revamped fishing dock at the Loch Lomond marina has been completed, and is now open for fishing. The upgrades to the dock moved the structure approximately 80 ft out from the bank and added a considerable amount of space for anglers to fish from. This

Lakes and ParksTue, December 20, 2016

Residents may dispose of their live Christmas trees at Bella Vista's Avalon Park Access at the East end of Lake Avalon. Trees should be dropped off at the designated drop area near the boat trailer parking lot at Lake Avalon Park. Members should not place trees in the lake. Once the trees

Lakes and ParksMon, December 19, 2016

Scientific Name:               Haliaeetus leucocephalus Common Name(s):         Bald Eagle Identification: The Bald Eagle is the iconic national bird of the United States, and is thus recognizable by most people in North America.  This eagle has a white head and tail, a dark brown body, and bright yellow beck and feet.  This bird ranges from

Lakes and ParksMon, November 28, 2016

Scientific Name: Branta canadensis Common Name(s): Canada Goose Identification: The Canada goose is a common and easily identifiable migratory bird.  It has a black neck and head with a white strap around the bottom of its beak up behind its eye.  The belly of this bird is a shade of beige or light brown, with

Lakes and ParksTue, November 1, 2016

The Bella Vista Bluebird Society (BVBBS) needs volunteers to help in our efforts to conserve Bluebirds. The volunteers needed are Monitors & Trail Bosses for Bluebird trails & installers for neighborhood boxes. Monitors check the bluebird boxes during the nesting season (early March to mid-August) from incubation to hatching to fledging.