Mon, February 15, 2016 | Recreation

Want to get in shape for spring and summer activities? Join your friends and neighbors for this intense workout; try your first class for free! Take advantage of a new early morning exercise class to help you do just that.

Morning Xpress is an intense 50-minute workout with an emphasis on increasing core and arm strength, flexibility, balance, cardio and endurance. These exercises will help participants condition for golf, tennis, paddling, swimming, hiking and other warm-weather activities. Class exercises will be demonstrated and lead by Fitness Instructor Peg Corcoran on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in Riordan Hall beginning March 1st at 7:00am.

Each class will end with a series of stretching movements to start your day off fabulously!  This class will be offered during the months of March and April and June after a hiatus for the month of May.

For members with a POA-issued photo identification card, the cost is $3 per class or $25 for a punch card, which is valid for 10 classes. Those who attend without a POA-issued photo identification card will be required to pay the class fees plus the daily facility use fee of $2.25.

To register, call (479) 855-8170 or sign up at Riordan Hall, 3 Riordan Drive in Bella Vista and inquire at the front desk. The first class will be offered free of charge as a demonstration.