Membership and Guest Cards
The Bella Vista Village Property Owners Association provides members and their guests a variety of amenities, including, but not limited to golf, swimming, boating and tennis. To participate in these activities, current membership cards and valid guest cards are required at all recreation facilities, except restaurants.

Property owners can set up member rights by presenting a recorded legal document showing ownership at the POA’s Membership Services Department. Upon receipt of this documentation and confirmation that all assessments are current on the property, change of ownership is made in the POA’s records. Paper membership cards are then mailed to property owners.

Two paper membership cards may be issued per property. Membership privileges are extended on a single property, even if a property owner owns multiple lots or living units.

There is no fee to receive paper membership cards. However, fees are applied when using the paper membership card.

Paper membership cards are sent annually to all members that are current in paying their assessments. Paper membership cards may be obtained at the POA’s Membership Services Department:
3 Euston Road
Bella Vista, AR 72714

For property owners there is a fee of $35 plus tax for the first two photo identification cards per property. Five additional dependent photo identification cards are available per property at no cost. The POA-issued photo identification card allows members to use facilities and amenities at the reduced member rate.

Click Here to register for your photo ID online.

Temporary permits and cards are available after business hours and on the weekends at Riordan Hall, Metfield Clubhouse, Branchwood Recreation Center and the golf shops at Scotsdale, Kingsdale, Highlands, Bella Vista Country Club and Tanyard Creek Practice Center. The permits are valid for three business days but must be exchanged for a POA-issued photo identification card at the POA’s Membership Services Department or by mail.

Temporary cards should be sent to:
Bella Vista Village Property Owners Association
Attn: Membership Services Department
PO Box 6150
Bella Vista, AR 72714

A late fee is charged for temporary permits that are not exchanged in person or mailed in for exchange after three business days. For cards that are returned by mail, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Members who visit Bella Vista Village infrequently and owners of time shares may purchase 30-Day Identification Cards, currently priced at $15 plus tax. The 30-Day Identification Card entitles the person purchasing it the full member discount (same as a POA-issued photo ID) at all facilities*. POA members and their dependents may each purchase three 30-Day Identification Cards per year, each valid for a full 30 days. Time share owners may purchase one 30-Day Identification Card for each week corresponding to their time share week.

*The exceptions to “all facilities” are that no annual registrations or monthly passes/registrations may be made for boats, marina and mooring slips, RV-storage, golf seat leases, private carts, Branchwood, Metfield and Riordan fitness passes and outdoor swimming season passes. Monthly or 30-day use fees purchased with a 30-Day Identification Card must end on the expiration date of the card. The 30-day Identification Card entitles the holder the privilege of purchasing temporary boat permits and weekly boat slip rentals. Lake Use Permits are not required for holders of the 30-day Identification Card.

A member may claim dependents, wards or relatives for whom the member provides more than 50 percent of living costs, whose legal address is the member’s home and (1) is single and 18 years of age and younger or, (2) is single and a full-time student younger than 23 years of age, or (3) is, according to a doctor’s statement, incapable of self support. Proof of dependency may be required.

Additionally, members may claim an adult child or spouse of an adult child and the children thereof who reside temporarily with the member while the adult child or spouse of the child is actively serving in an armed force for the United States and who is serving in such armed force as a direct result of armed struggle in which the United States is engaged. Documentation of proof of service in the United States Armed Force will be required.

Dependents of property owners will be issued a card with “Dependent” printed upon it, and holders of Dependent cards cannot sponsor guests nor have guest cards issued on them.

Click here to download this form.

Membership cards for company or corporate-owned property will be issued in the company or corporation’s name. The Membership Services Department issues a form to be completed and signed by an executive of the company or corporation. The form designates who shall receive the member privileges. The designee may be an employee and his or her spouse or two employees. For more information, call (479) 855-8000 option 3.  Click here to download this form.

Why do I need a POA Guest Card?

Non-members may gain access to POA amenities by virtue of possessing a current, valid guest card. Non-members possessing a valid guest card shall have access to fee-based POA amenities at the current guest rates.


Who needs a POA Guest Card?

Guest cards are required for use at all POA facilities for everyone 13 years of age or older if not accompanied by a POA member in possession of a current member card. Non-members 12 years or younger must be accompanied by a responsible adult who has a current member or guest card.

When a non-member is accompanied by a POA member and that non-member does not have a guest card, then the accompanying POA member must sign in their guest on the facility guest register, which will be located at the reception desk of each POA facility. If at any facility without a guest register, such as a POA lake, the member must provide the names of each of his guests to a POA Ranger or other POA staff.

How do I get a POA Guest Card?

The POA may elect to sponsor a non-member in order to provide access to fee-based POA amenities.


Any member in good standing may sponsor a non-member.

Guest cards can be obtained by:

  • Visiting membership services located at Metfield, 3 Euston Bella Vista, AR
  • Call Member Services at (479) 855-8000 option 2

After hours, guest cards are available at the Metfield Clubhouse, Riordan Hall or Branchwood Recreation Center. Guest cards will be issued upon receipt of a property owner’s written request by fax, mail or in person at the Member Services Department. To download an application, click here.

The property owner must provide his/her name and address, subdivision, block and lot numbers, the guest’s name and address, the date the card is to become active and the date the card will expire (not to exceed one year). Guest cards may be sent by return mail, if a self-addressed, stamped envelope is included in the request, or the cards can be held at the POA’s Member Services Department for pick up during regular office hours.

Any member sponsoring a guest will be responsible for that guest’s compliance with all POA regulations and rules that are in effect at that time. In the event the sponsoring member’s guest may damage any POA property, the sponsoring member will be held responsible for all expenses incurred.