The City, POA and ACC

The City, POA and ACC

What’s the Difference Between These Three Organizations?

The City

  • Public governmental agency funded by state & local taxes
  • Governed by elected mayor and City Council
  • Provides police and fire protection, street maintenance, public library, public trail system, trash collection, and building and code enforcement services

Community Development Services
616 W. Lancashire Blvd | 479-268-4980

  • Issues building permits
  • Provides code enforcement services


  • Bella Vista Property Owners Association

    Member Services/Water Billing
    3 Euston Rd./51 Huntley Ln.

  • Private non-profit corporation
  • Maintains and operates recreation facilities, private trails,RV park, lakes and golf courses
  • Maintains and operates water department
  • Funded by monthly assessments and amenity usage fees
  • Governed by Chief Operating Officer and Board of Directors


  • Bella Vista Village Architectural Control Committee, Inc.
    (BVVACC, Inc.)

    620 W. Lancashire Blvd.

  • Private Non-Profit Corporation
  • Regulates and enforces property aesthetics and original Bella Vista POA covenants (design; commercial; developers)
  • Members of the Architectural Control Committee are appointed by the Board of Directors of BVVACC, Inc.

Do I Need A Permit?

Listed are some common improvements that require permits. Some require ACC permits only; some require City permits only; some require ACC and City permits.

Repainting (exterior)YesNo
Interior RemodelNoYes
Accessory StructuresYesYes
New HomeYesYes
Retaining WallsYesYes
Dock/Boat SlipsYesYes