Mail Assessment Payments

Mail Payments to:
Bella Vista POA
Attn: POA Accounting Department
PO Box 6210
Bella Vista, AR 72714-1210

The Bella Vista Property Owners Association (POA) is proud of the amenities and services it provides throughout the year to its diverse group of resident and nonresident members.

The assessment fee, which is collected each month, is used to help maintain, operate and improve the services and amenities provided by the POA. At times, the assessment fee goes toward creating new facilities to enhance your experience in Bella Vista.

Anyone who owns property in Bella Vista is a member of the Property Owners Association.

The monthly assessment fee is $16 for unimproved property – a lot without a water meter – and $24 for improved property – a lot with a water meter.

Assessments may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Assessments are due the first day of the month and considered delinquent on the last day of the month. A 6 percent per annum may be charged on assessments that are delinquent 30 days or more.

Monthly statements are mailed. If you did not receive your statement, contact the POA at or (479)855-8000, option 3.

However, statements are not necessary in order to pay your monthly assessments. Checks should be made payable to the Bella Vista POA. Please include your sub/block/lot numbers and member number with all payments. If you have a statement, send your payment to the address on the statement. Payments without a statement should be mailed to:

Bella Vista POA
Attn: POA Accounting Department
PO Box 6210
Bella Vista, AR 72714-1210
Or, they may be delivered to the Membership Services Department, located at 3 Euston Road.

Additionally, monthly property assessments can be:

  • Paid online.
  • Dropped in the association’s drop boxes, located at 101 Town Center.
  • Paid with a credit card over the phone by calling 855-8000, option 2.

Members may also choose to register for the automatic draft program. By signing up for this service, your assessment fees will be withdrawn from your checking or savings account on the 4th business day of each month. To obtain an application, click here.

Assessments stay with the property. Therefore, any unpaid balance left by the previous owner becomes the responsibility of the new property owner. It is suggested that any prepaid or unpaid assessments be addressed at the time of closing on the property.

Most financial institutions cooperate with one of the major online payment processing firms, such as Check-Free When completing the payment information there are a few important things to remember when processing assessment payments;

When entering your customer (member) number, use all leading zeros in the eight-digit number.

When entering your location (sub-blk-lot) number, use all leading zeros in the eight-digit number, do NOT enter dashes.

NOTE: If setting up an online payment for a Bella Vista water account, the location number is the same as for the assessment account,
EXCEPT it must be followed with the letter “W”.

The POA assessments are outlined in the POA’s Declaration and Protective Covenants, which are the village’s governing documents. To view the Declaration and Protective Covenants