Loch Lomond Fishing Dock and Marina Expansion

Mon, September 26, 2016 | Lakes and Parks, POA News

Expansion of the Loch Lomond Marina fishing dock is underway.   Site preparations have been completed and work has begun on the concrete abutments that will hold the larger dock in place.  Construction of a new expanded fishing platform will begin shortly.  The project will likely be completed within the next month.

The new fishing dock will incorporate the old Loch Lomond fishing dock which will be pushed out to deeper water.  An expanded walkway will be added with smaller docks branching out from the central path.   This upgraded design will have more space for Anglers as well as allowing for a much greater variety of depths to fish from.   “This is the goal of the project “, John Urquhart, Assistant Superintendent of Lakes, Parks and Fisheries said.  “We wanted to create a space that anglers could use year round.   The old design limited anglers to mostly shallow water, which was great for warm water fishing.   The new layout will allow anglers better access to deeper waters, where fish tend to congregate in colder months as well as extremely hot months.”

This project was funded in part by a donation by the Bella Vista Fly Tyers.

In related news, an anchor and cable was replaced on B – Dock.  Cables and anchors are replaced every 4 or 5 years.  This will provide added stability for this dock as we go into our winter months when high winds can become an issue.