Update: Loch Lomond Draw Down

Thu, January 12, 2017 | Lakes and Parks

In order to construct a new lake wall in front of Lakepoint, it is necessary to temporarily drop Loch Lomond by two feet. This process will begin on Thursday, January 19 with the lake being fully down by January 27.

Construction of the lake wall will take place during the month of February. The lake will be allowed to return to full pool by March 1. Lakefront residents with boats in shallow water should take action to prevent damage to props as the lake comes down.

UPDATE: The Bella Vista Property Owner’s Association would like to apologize for the late notice and less than ideal timing of the emanate two foot draw-down at Loch Lomond.  We are therefore, pushing forward the start of the process to Monday, January 23.  This will give residents an extra weekend to make adjustment to boats and other property to prevent damage.  Barring any heavy rain events, the lake level should be down by January 31.  This process cannot be delayed any further because we would be pushing up against the busy spring boating season.  Fluctuating lake levels in spring also interfere with fish spawning.  The lake level adjustment is necessary to build a new lake wall in front of the Lake Point Complex.  This work will take place in early February.

Lake rangers will be out this weekend and early next week to scout property that could incur damage from this event so that we can contact residents so they can make proper adjustments.  For those with no other means of securing property, vacant boat slips at the marina will be available for temporary mooring free of charge from January 16 to March 1.

We realize that this gives very little time for lakefront property owners to coordinate contractors to make repairs to docks and seawalls.  As a concession, plans are in place to do a full 6 foot draw-down beginning on December 1, 2017 and running until February 15, 2018.

Thank you for your cooperation during this process.