Loch Lomond Draw Down Underway

Mon, January 23, 2017 | Lakes and Parks

The draw down on Loch Lomond began on Monday, January 23 with the opening of one of two gates. As the lake begins to come down, the second gate will be opened. Recent rains have created more overflow than normal and may extend the draw down effort beyond the 8 days it would normally take.

The lowering of the lake will allow the Lake Point contractor to construct the lake wall in front of the complex. Even with weather related delays, the wall construction should be complete by late February so that the lake can begin to return to normal pool by March 1.

Lakes department personnel have made the rounds and have identified boats and other property that may be at risk as the lake comes down. Residents that are concerned about their property should make efforts to trailer boats or dock them in deeper water for the next month or so. The Stoneykirk boat ramp will be closed, but the Tiree and Granton ramps should remain open, however caution should be used around those ramps.