Lake Ann Parking Lot Improvements to Begin

Tue, May 26, 2015 | Lakes and Parks

Work will soon begin on the new Lake Ann asphalt parking area. The current parking area is mostly gravel that spills over to a grassy area. There is limited space to park and no lines to provide parking control.
This project will provide a finished striped parking area similar to Granton Park launch area. There will be 10 parking spaces and a boat/trailer staging area for launching and picking up a boat. Once construction starts it will take approximately one week to complete the ground preparation work, based on dry weather. A paving date will be scheduled once the ground preparation is complete.
We will try to minimize any boat ramp closures or other disruptions during the construction process and ask for your cooperation so we can complete the work as quickly as possible.
Lake Ann is a very popular amenity and the new parking facility will be a much needed improvement.