Board of Directors

To email the entire Board of Directors, click on the email icon above or send your email to moc.a1717070602opvvb1717070602@drao1717070602b1717070602.
Property owners serving on the Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers. Members of our committees (Golf, Lakes, and Recreation) are also unpaid volunteers.

David Brandenburg


Jerre Barron, Jr.

Board Member

Open Seat

Board Member
  • June 2024 – May 2027
  • Committees

Jason Loyd

Board Member

Sandy Fosdick

Board Member

Jackie Gain

Board Member
  • Email

  • June 2021 – May 2024
  • Committees

    Recreation & Audit

Jan Hagan

Vice Chair
  • June 2021 – May 2024
  • Committees

    Rules & regulations, Recreation, and Audit

JB Portillo

Board Member

Jeff Hendren

Board Member


To serve the Bella Vista Property Owners Association, representing all property owners, residents and non-residents; to develop policies, procedures and regulations; and monitor finances of the organization, its programs and services provided to the property owners.

Three years with the option of running again.

  • There are currently 12 board meetings per year on the 4th Thursday each month at 6:00 p.m.
  • There are currently 12 working meetings per year on the 3rd Thursday each month at 9:00 a.m.
  • There are currently 12 closed meetings per year on the 2nd Thursday each month at 2:30pm
  • Meetings include board orientation, work sessions as needed, and planning sessions
  • Several budget sessions occur in November and December, as well as budget reviews
  • Occasional town hall or special meetings may be called for public information
  • Usually a member of two (or more) Board committees
  • Usually a liaison to at least one Joint Advisory committee
  • May be a member of a specially appointed ad hoc committee
  • A Director may not be absent from more than three consecutive regular meetings or from four regular meetings during the organizational year
  • Establish policy that guides the Association
  • Hire, supervise and evaluate the General Manager
  • Approve the annual budget
  • Monitor finances
  • Maintain and update long-range plans
  • Attend all assigned meetings and show commitment to all Board activities
  • Be well-informed on issues concerning the Association
  • Be well prepared on agenda items in advance of meetings (Board packets are available preceding the Board meetings)
  • Contribute skills, knowledge and experience when appropriate
  • Listen respectfully to other points of view, not monopolizing discussion
  • Educate yourself about the needs and concerns of the entire POA membership, listening to all views and not just those of the most vocal groups
  • Help provide the foundation and direction that the POA is to take; then step back and support the General Manager to manage the daily operations
  • Keep confidential information confidential
  • A board member has no individual power—such governance comes from the Board acting as a whole
  • Prior to voting, you may state your opinions and enter into discussion; however, once the vote is taken, a Board member supports the Board’s position
  • Always be aware that you represent the organization for both the resident and non-resident membership while focusing on the goals and mission of the POA and not on personal goals
  • Board members should have a broad view when conducting board business with no personal agenda

A committed Board is the nucleus of a successful organization. Your talents and focus on serving the POA membership can assist the POA to move forward to meet the challenges of a growing community.

Board Meetings

These meetings are typically held on the fourth Thursday of every month. A draft of the Agenda is posted on the Friday before this meeting, and the final Agenda is posted on the Tuesday before this meeting. The purpose of the monthly Board meeting is to provide the Board opportunity to vote and take action on issues. Open forum is available to members. Board monthly meetings are open meetings.

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Work Sessions

These Sessions are typically held on the third Thursday of every month, and the Agenda is posted on the Tuesday before the Session. The purpose of the Work Session is to provide the Board opportunity for detailed discussion, perhaps ask Management to provide additional details, get input from members before taking action on issues that may adversely impact a group of members or represents a shift in amenities or past practice affecting membership. Open forum is available to members. No binding votes are taken at the Work Session, only consensus as to the desired status of the item. Work Sessions are open meetings.

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