Mon, December 28, 2015 | Golf

The recovery of Bella Vista Village’s golf courses from heavy rains and flooding will be a slow process, golf maintenance director, Keith Ihms, said Monday.

“All of our golf courses have been affected by the storms and flooding that has occurred over the last couple of days,” Keith Ihms said. “It’s difficult to determine the damage at this point. However, once the water recedes we will be able to evaluate each course and what damage has occurred.”

The Dogwood Hills golf course will likely open at noon on Tuesday, December 29th. The Highlands golf course has a tentative open date of Thursday, December 31st, while the front nine holes of Scotsdale golf course are under water and will remain closed for at least one week.

Berksdale, Kingswood and the Bella Vista Country Club golf courses will remain closed until further notice.

The Tanyard Creek Practice Center is open on mats with irons only.

The Bella Vista Village Property Owners Association is urging people stay off the golf courses while they are closed due to safety concerns.