Fish Habitat Placed in Lake Avalon

Wed, January 18, 2017 | Lakes and Parks

Members of the Bella Vista Fly Tyers Club in conjunction with Bella Vista POA Lakes staff have installed new fish habitat in Lake Avalon. Approximately 500 evergreen trees were placed in the lake. The trees were donated by Lowes’ and Home Depot (unsold trees). Trees were also provided by Bentonville Recycle and Bella Vista Recycle.


The base of the trees are wired to concrete masonry units and loaded onto a barge. They are transported to their desired location in the lake and sunk to the bottom. The barge can carry 10 to 20 trees per load. Habitat placement is one part of the effort made by the POA to increase fish population in the Bella Vista lakes.

The Bella Vista Fly Tyers Club is a fishing, conservation, and service Club consisting of approximately 150 members. The Club promotes fishing, lake, and recreational activities, and conducts service projects throughout NW Arkansas. The Club meets every Thursday morning beginning at 10 am at Riordan Hall in Bella Vista.