No, leasing a lot does not grant membership rights to the POA. The association’s Board of Directors has implemented a policy that gives resident renters the opportunity to enjoy renter-guest privileges of the POA at the direction of their landlord – but this policy does not extend to nonresidents of Bella Vista Village, so it would not apply to unimproved lots.

The POA’s Membership Services Department, located at 3 Euston Road, has subdivision plat maps at the front counter.
A Bella Vista Street Map, which is available for $4.50 at the POA’s Membership Services Department, lists all of the subdivisions to help members find their lots.
Individuals requesting more than one plat may be required to provide a written list.

The Property Owners Association has two types of lots available for purchase through the online lot auction. Membership lots are small pieces of property, usually located in the Original Bella Vista Subdivision, which allow membership in the Bella Vista Village Property Owners Association, but may not be built upon. Membership lots are offered as they become available. The majority of the lots offered for auction are unimproved lots. Unimproved lots convey membership privileges just like membership lots. However, unimproved lots may be built upon. This does not mean that all unimproved lots are buildable, as there may be any number of issues with the terrain/topography and/or availability of septic/sewer that may make a lot unsuitable for housing construction

Visit http://www.bellavistapoa.com/auctions/judicialsale.asp to find a list of the properties to be auctioned approximately two to three weeks prior to each judicial sale date. Join the auction mailing list and a list will be sent to you via email prior to each judicial sale date. Send an e-mail requesting a copy of the sale list to auction@bvvpoa.com or call (479) 855-5016.

You will receive a Commissioner’s Deed to lots purchased at a judicial sale. Once you have paid the Circuit Clerk in full, the Clerk will begin the process of obtaining your deed. It may take up to six months to get your recorded Commissioner’s deed. The POA will mail the original to you as soon as we receive it from the Circuit Clerk’s office.

Throughout the year, the POA receives calls from area residents wishing to purchase a lot in Bella Vista Village. The POA developed the online lot auctions in response to those requests. Having online lot auctions allows the POA to reduce its inventory while also providing area residents with an opportunity to purchase a lot at an affordable price and become members of Bella Vista Village.

Yes, the Bella Vista Village POA asks that you pay an additional $20.00 to cover the cost associated with paying the County Circuit Clerk to record the deed. The Bella Vista Village POA will take care of actually recording the deed for you and will mail you the original deed once it has been recorded. Upon purchasing a lot and becoming an owner of property within Bella Vista Village you will also be responsible for paying POA assessments, currently in the amount of $16.00 per month per unimproved lot. Don’t forget to assess your property and pay your property taxes to the Benton County tax collector each year.

Auctions usually begin at noon on Monday and end at noon on Friday. We will occasionally post an auction over the weekend when there has been increased interest. The POA typically will not post a lot for auction during the week of a judicial sale.

The Bella Vista Village POA Legal Department will prepare and execute the deed on your behalf. Please contact the Bella Vista Village POA Legal Department to discuss the correct names and spelling of names to be placed on your deed.

Upon payment in full to the Bella Vista Village POA Legal Department, you will be provided with a delegation form which will allow you to obtain membership privileges even before you receive the recorded deed. This is done as a convenience to our new members because it usually takes a week or two to get the deed signed, recorded with the Circuit Clerk and returned to the purchaser. This completed form can then be taken to the POA’s Membership Services Department, Metfield Clubhouse, 3 Euston Road, where the new member can either receive a free paper membership card or purchase a photo identification card for $35.

Payment in full must be made to the Bella Vista Village POA Legal Department within the week following the close of the online lot auction. Payments can be made by phone via credit or debit card or may be dropped off or mailed to the Bella Vista Village POA, Attn: Legal Department, 98 Clubhouse Drive, Bella Vista, AR, 72715.

All auction participants will be notified by the POA of the results of the auction within a day of the auction’s end, either by phone or by e-mail. Feel free to contact the POA Legal Department with questions, call (479) 855-5035 or e-mail auction@bvvpoa.com.

Once you pay the entire amount owed to the Circuit Clerk, take your receipt to the Membership Services Department, Metfield Clubhouse, 3 Euston Road to get your POA membership card.

No, there are no warranties of title. The POA does its best to name all possible defendants, but neither the POA, nor its directors, employees and agents warrant title. The POA encourages all prospective purchasers to do their own title research.

Monthly assessments of $16.00 will start to accrue on the 1st day of the month following the date of the sale. Assessments may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.