For new Bella Vista POA Members, property owners must provide a copy of a recorded deed (recorded in Benton County, Arkansas) where they are shown as the owner(s) of record for property within the Bella Vista Property Owner’s boundaries.

For Dependent(s), we define dependent membership as:

A dependent is a member of the property owner’s household, with the same legal address as the property owner, and who falls into one of the following categories:

  • Dependent is single, and 18 years or younger
  • The dependent is single, a full-time student – not more than 23 years of age
  • Dependent(s) who are full-time students and 18-23 years of age (i.e. college students with a minimum of 12 hours) will be required to provide a copy of their most recent college class schedule to qualify them as a dependent for membership.
  • For aged-out dependent(s) or other family members living in the property owner’s household, we provide Non-Principal membership. To establish Non-Principal membership it is necessary for the property owner(s) to provide a copy of their driver’s license, as well as the individual’s driver’s license (with the same address on the driver’s license).  A Marriage License can also be submitted for married couples to establish proof of residency and gain membership.

For short or long-term rental tenants of Bella Vista POA properties, tenants are not eligible for member privileges or Activity Cards, however, they can secure Guest Passes to access our amenities (including the lakes) through the property owner or property management company.

Guests or tenants with valid Guest Passes are welcome at POA amenities and facilities. Guests will be required to pay guest rates for the amenities and follow all policies of the Bella Vista POA.  Guest passes can be issued to individual(s) for up to 12 months.

All POA bars and restaurants are open to the public. All 7 POA golf courses are open to the public, as well. Additionally, Branchwood disc golf is open to the public. All 110+ miles of Bella Vista’s hiking and biking trails are open to the public. All other POA amenities and facilities require a POA Membership or Guest Pass.

For more information on guest passes, please visit

The Bella Vista POA newsletters are the best place to stay informed on all events taking place in Bella Vista and at the POA. Click here to sign up for the POA newsletters. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Both Member Resources offices can provide an overview welcome guide, which is also available here.

For more information on trails, please visit

The Bella Vista Architectural Control Committee is the best point-of-contact for permitting and building questions.

The city of Bella Vista handles all code enforcement issues and you can submit your report for a code enforcement violation or concern, please click here.

Please contact Member Resources via the contact information found here.

Yes, you can pay your assessment online via this link. New users will need to create an account by clicking “Member Activation”.

For information on boat registration, please click here.

You can rent a kayak at the Marina at Lakepoint / Loch Lomond Tuesday – Sunday. kayak rentals at the Beach at Lake Avalon will not be available until that location opens.  Kayak rentals are available during Beach hours 10am – 6pm ( last rental goes out at 6pm) on Saturday & Sunday or 11am -6pm during weekdays.

Since they are not property owners/members they could have their landlord request guest cards for them (including their parents). Guests are not allowed to sponsor other guests nor are they allowed to get stickers for boats. If they want to put their kayaks on the lakes as guests they can purchase “temporary boat registration” good for 7 consecutive days. These can be purchased (only after they have a guest card) at the Marina, from a Lake Ranger, or at either Member Resource location. If they would like to purchase a lot for Membership purposes that would qualify them for Membership.

You are not required to have an Activity Card to use amenities. You can use your paper membership card, but there would be a price difference.

Property owners who are sole owners of the property may designate membership for their spouse or significant other by completing a signed request and providing verification they live in the same household.  A membership card will be issued to the spouse or significant other which will remain in effect until the property owner provides a signed cancellation notice to the POA.

Non-Principal membership cards may be issued to adults over the age of 18 years and residing at the principal property owner’s address by providing a government-issued identification listing their address to be the same as the principal property owner’s address.  A non-principal membership card must be renewed on an annual basis to maintain privileges.

Member Resources does not recognize military service for any type of discount for the sale of Activity Cards or annual amenity packages such as golf, tennis, or boat registration.