2023 Board Candidates

Sandy Fosdick

2023 Candidate

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David Brandenburg

2023 Candidate

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Parker Stohlton

2023 Candidate

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Election Results

Election results were announced at the Bella Vista POA Annual Meeting today at 6 PM. Results are as follows:

Results of the Election:

33.61% Participation

Joy Thomas Sawyer 5,285
John P. Goodman, Jr. 5,105
Janice “Jan” Simms 5,697 WINNER
Sandy Fosdick 6,258 WINNER
David Brandenburg 6,050 WINNER
John Hudec 5,417

Tom Judson, COO, quoted “I would like to congratulate the three Members that were elected to the Board of Directors a​nd I look forward to working with them starting in June. I also want to thank the three that were not elected for their willingness to volunteer to help make Bella Vista a better place to live.”