Mon, February 15, 2016 | Recreation

It is time to get fit, summer is just around the corner! Indoor Cycling classes will continue at the Metfield Clubhouse fitness center, however, classes will meet at a new time beginning in March. Indoor cycling classes will be led by Fitness Instructor Peg Corcoran on Tuesday and Thursday mornings beginning at 8:30am.

Participation is limited to the number of bikes available, first come, first served! Indoor cycling is a great total body workout. The instructor will lead you through different cycling routines to keep things interesting while toning and strengthening a variety of muscles. Cycling also offers an intensive workout for your body’s core, which you have to keep tight and firm while pedaling vigorously using your leg muscles.

A huge benefit of cycling is that anyone can do it. It is considered a low-impact exercise because it doesn’t put pressure on your joints the way aerobics, running and other high-impact fitness programs can. You are in control of how fast you go and how much resistance you use.

For members with a POA-issued photo identification card, the cost is $3 per class or $25 for a punch card, which is valid for 10 classes. Those who attend without a POA-issued photo identification card will be required to pay the class fees plus the daily facility use fee of $2.25.

To register, call (479) 855-8165 or sign up at the Metfield Clubhouse, 3 Euston Rd in Bella Vista to get your name on a list of potential cycling class participants if you are interested in joining a class. The first class will be offered free of charge as a demonstration.