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Mon, July 13, 2015 | Member Services

ACTION is defined as “the process of doing or acting; a deed; something done or accomplished.”

What better word to describe Bella Vista volunteer efforts to increase the quality of life for all of us. I would like to highlight some of these efforts in this month’ “Chat”.

When it comes to lakes, the Bella Vista Fly-Tyers seem to make news volunteering every month, as they did in June. Twenty members gave time during Fish Fest, teaching some of 148 children how to fish (as the Charlie Brown of fishing in my family, I could use their help). They are always working on a lake project or donating money for lake related uses. Their commitment to your lakes has and will continue to have tremendous positive impact on fishing and recreational lake value in Bella Vista!

The Friends of the Highlands is the longest continuing volunteer organization in the Village supporting golf course operations. This group raises many thousands of dollars each year ($3800 this past week) for improvements to the Highlands Golf Course, and they donate countless hours of labor cleaning the course up after storms, conducting hole improvement initiatives each year, etc. (The new trees they planted on number twelve seem to attract my golf ball on a regular basis). The Laddies and Lassies of Scotsdale are a newly formed group of Scotsdale Golf Course supporters who have already made an impact at that location in much the same manner as the Friends of Highlands.

A special thanks to:

  • Richard and Anne Marie Steeneck for donating a new landscape plan for #18 on Scottsdale and the plant materials to begin phase one of that project. What a GREAT improvement!
  • Sharon Wynegar for heading up the Lake Windsor Boat Parade. More than 25 boats took part in this first annual event!
  • Connie Willoughby for heading up the Mayor’s Vison Advisory Committee.
  • And All the volunteers who assisted with Fish Fest, The Cancer Challenge and the July 3rd Celebration. What a fireworks show!
This is a small sample of Bella Vista Members in ACTION be sure to thank them – and for that matter, thank anyone that you witness contributing time, talent or financial support to Our Village.

Upcoming Community Events include:

  • The Bella Vista Community Concert Band performances beginning 7 PM July 14th and July 28th at Blowing Springs Park
  • The All in the Family Golf Tournament July 25th and 26th at Kingswood and Berskdale Golf Courses. Sign up for this event ends July 17th.
Last month your Board announced it would fill an existing Board vacancy and solicited resumes from the membership. Did we ever get a great response! Nine members submitted their resumes for the Board’s consideration. After careful consideration, I am pleased to announce that Bruce Portillo has been appointed to the position. Look for his bio in an upcoming POA communication. Bruce will bring valuable experience, enthusiasm, and energy to your board. Welcome Bruce!

Did you know that July 31st is one of two National Mutt Days? We are very fortunate to have an outstanding Animal Shelter here in Bella Vista. Consider joining me in making a contribution (monetary or time) to support this great organization.

Finally our Board Secretary, Kathy Ferguson, has tendered her resignation to pursue another employment opportunity. We thank her for the many valuable contributions to the POA Board, Staff, and Membership she has made over the years she has been with us. We wish her and her family the very best in the future.

 For Your Board
 Bob Brooks

ACTION is defined as “the process of doing or acting; a deed; something done or accomplished.” ACTION is defined as “the process of doing or acting; a deed; something done or accomplished.”