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Tue, October 13, 2015 | Board and Administration

Did anyone see the lunar eclipse in late September?  What a spectacular event to witness from Loch Lomond!

One of the best parts of living in Bella Vista Village is the natural beauty surrounding our Village. The wooded common properties provide ever changing colors throughout the year.  I can hardly wait for the fall tapestries with which we are gifted.  Our lakes on calm days mirror bright blue skies; on cool mornings they share a peaceful fog that seems to tease us with the sunrise. Our parks live and breathe with abundant wildlife and kids “of all ages” using the trails, playground equipment, and dog park. The sound running water makes is music to my ears.  Our Village has waterfalls and streams that bring peace and harmony to our days.

Congratulations to the volunteers who helped with Hay Days.  If you did not get the opportunity to attend this year, place it on your calendar for 2016.  I overheard someone describe the dachshund (or as my 3 year old granddaughter calls them, “Hotdog”) races as “tongues hanging, tails wagging, and ears flapping.”  The race is one of the highlights of the event!

Speaking of all the work that goes into providing our members with fun activities, do you know we spend less than .0034 percent of our annual budget on events that are free to members and guests?  We receive contributions from the businesses in our community to help fund them and the contributors are well publicized.  Please take time to thank and support the businesses that provide this charitable funding!  Hats off to our Marketing and Communications department for their hard work towards the success of these events! It makes Bella Vista the place to live in NW Arkansas!

I have had the opportunity to spend the past four weeks observing your POA workforce. The ingenuity, commitment, and pride they exhibit serving all of us is remarkable.  We are fortunate to have the talent they possess working on our behalf. Thanks to all of our team members for their efforts and accomplishments on behalf of Bella Vista.

The Bella Vista Foundation is a key contributor to our community, they raise thousands of dollars each year to benefit our citizens.  Two wonderful examples of their philanthropic work include awarding four college scholarships and contributing to Hays Days. These financial awards work for all of us.  Please consider ways to contribute to this great organization, and check out the web site at

Update on Our Search for a General Manager

GSI, the search group we are partnering with has conducted extensive interviews with both your Board and selected POA employees. The interview process is helping to identify key attributes a prospective general manager should possess.  They have also toured our facilities to gain an understanding of both current operations and the untapped potential your POA has to offer.  They will begin the search process in the next few weeks for candidates for the new POA General Manager. I will share more information with you as it becomes available.

Every week members of your Board are asked about rumors concerning a variety of topics.  I am sure these rumors make great “coffee” conversation, but do they really contribute to the betterment of life in Bella Vista?  Your Board continues assisting members with inquires.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and concerns.  Let’s not let the rumor mill run rampant in Bella Vista.

For your Board,
Bob Brooks

Did anyone see the lunar eclipse in late September? What a spectacular event to witness from Loch Lomond! Did anyone see the lunar eclipse in late September? What a spectacular event to witness from Loch Lomond!