Fri, August 5, 2016 | Golf

The contractor began construction on several of our new bunkers (number 1 and 4 green) the first week of August. These bunkers will be unique to our course and Arkansas since they will be a Scottish style stacked sod wall design. In addition, the stack wall will be constructed using an artificial turf designed in England originally to be used on European soccer fields. This product will last a minimum of 10 years and provide a low maintenance bunker face.
Once the wall is complete the “Better Billy Bunker” drainage system will be installed on the bunker floor and then a 4” layer of sand will be added to complete the process. This process uses a 2” gravel base placed over the drain tile. This layer is treated with a special polymer that hardens the surface while still being porous enough to allow water to percolate into this layer and out of bunker. In addition, the solid gravel base will eliminate the ongoing issue of rocks migrating up from the soil and mixing with the sand. This product has a 10 year warranty provided by the manufacture.