Bike Trail Safety

Fri, September 23, 2016 | POA News, Recreation

Have you seen the flashing beacons and crosswalks alerting drivers of bikers and pedestrians on the east side of the city? The Back 40 multi-use trails are almost completely finished, and are already gaining popularity!

It’s going to take everyone on board to ensure safety at these crossings — drivers should be aware of the well-marked trail crossings, and trail users should take caution when coming approaching a road crossing.

  • The Back 40 trails are single track, meaning narrow, natural-surface paths through the woods. Drivers should not expect to see wide, paved trails intersecting with the roads.
  • Bikers and pedestrians have stop signs when the trail meets the road — they must yield to traffic there.
  • The flashing beacons are installed in the areas that have been identified as crossings needing higher visibility. Other crossings are marked with signs prior to and at the crossing, plus painted crosswalks on the road.
  • The flashing beacons are solar powered and motion activated, detecting motion within 30 feet. When you see the lights flashing, pay extra attention to what might be coming out of the woods on either side of the road.

Even at the crossing with flashing beacons, vehicles are not required to stop. Bikers and pedestrians must yield to vehicles.