Berksdale Gets New Layout Thanks to Flood

Wed, January 20, 2016 | Golf

January 20, 2016 – Bella Vista, AR – The recovery of Bella Vista Village’s golf courses from heavy rains and flooding will continue to be an ongoing process; however, with the hard work of staff and volunteers, most courses opened within two weeks of the major flooding Bella Vista received during the last part of December.

On the other hand, the Berksdale golf course received the most damage and has been closed since the flooding event. On February 1st, the Berksdale course will reopen with a new layout. Because of the damage sustained to part of the course

The original 1-18 hole layout of the course will now be reformatted in order to bypass the majority of the damage. Below is a breakdown of what the new course layout will be versus the old layout.

New Layout                 Old Layout

Hole 10                        Hole 1

Hole 11                        Hole 2

Hole 17                        Hole 3

Hole 18                        Hole 4

Hole 1                          Hole 5

Hole 2                          Hole 6

Hole 3                          Hole 7

Hole 4                          Hole 8

Hole 5                          Hole 9

Hole 13                        Hole 10

Hole 14                        Hole 11

Hole 15                        Hole 12

Hole 16                        Hole 13

Hole 12                        Hole 14

Hole 6                          Hole 15

Hole 7                          Hole 16

Hole 8                          Hole 17

Hole 9                          Hole 18

Golfers will be notified of the new layout on their scorecards, in addition to, new directional signage which will help usher them along the newly reformatted course.