Update: Bella Vista Country Club Renovations

Thu, February 2, 2017 | POA News

UPDATE: The following document provides drawings and plans for the Country Club Renovation.

Link: Country Club Plan


Bella Vista Country Club is scheduled to be renovated and remodeled in 2017. The new renovation concept features a Welcome Center providing community and real estate information, large pro shop and retail store, a large common area for community and social events and a unique restaurant experience that compliments the space.

The Welcome Center will be the “Information Hub” for Bella Vista POA, providing information on all activities and events as well as sales of POA owned lots. The Pro Shop and Retail Sales area will be a one stop shop for all merchandise offered throughout the POA owned courses with the addition of Bella Vista “Swag” items that will be more appealing to a broader market. What is now being called the Common Area is a multi-use area that can accommodate both POA community functions and gatherings as well as private parties. An intimate fast-casual style restaurant that will feature unique appetizers, salads and sandwiches as well as upscale southern comfort food is also being planned. “Grab and go” service will also be available.

The design for Bella Vista Country Club is open and interactive, promoting easy flow from one area to the other and opening access to a better customer service experience with each area having a fantastic panoramic view of the golf course. A permanent, constructed portico in front of the building will also replace the old worn canopy. The focus of the renovation will be on maintaining the charm of the original E. Fay Jones architecture and to also enhance it when possible.