Algae Control on Loch Lomond

Thu, May 12, 2016 | Lakes and Parks

Starting on May 11, annual algae control efforts began on Loch Lomond. Thank you for your patience in putting up with filamentous algae until after our spring fish sampling was completed.  Control is better achieved when water temperatures warm into the 70s.  Sampling is now complete and our efforts have shifted to algae control.  The marina area was completed this week and work will continue for a few more weeks.  We will continue to assess the other lakes and will treat those waters if necessary.  Afterwards, periodic spot treatments may be warranted, but for the most part algae is a problem in the spring and improves as the summer progresses.  The goal is not to completely eradicate algae, but to improve conditions around docks and access points where it can be a particular problem.  A copper based algaecide is being used.  This product has no limitations for water contact or fish consumption.