Beauty of Nature

Bella Vista Arkansas is a beautiful place to live. The lakes, trails, golf courses and swimming and rec centers make it feel like you are on vacation at a resort everyday. There is always something interesting to do here, whether you want to socialize with friends, hike, kayak or enjoy concerts and art. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Its easy to make new friends here because most people have moved here to retire, or for a new job. With over 30 churches to choose from, spiritual needs can be met for all faiths. There are many clubs and social activities in the community to become involved. The beauty of nature is everywhere around with every home nestled in the trees, looking out over a lake or golf course, or high above the tree tops. Four seasons have something new for nature lovers, with many beautiful flowering trees and shrubs and fall foliage.

Richard O.Resident since 2011

Definitely recommend Bella Vista!

I have lived here for 22 years and appreciate it all…the scenery with wooded hills, the convenience of nearby grocery stores, hardware store, drug stores, medical facilities, fitness centers, all the golf courses and lakes, the terrific historical museum, the informative weekly newspaper and more. So many organizations and activities, you can’t be bored living in Bella Vista!

Sally N.Resident since 1995

Ideal Living Is Alive and Well in Bella Vista Arkansas

Nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks, Bella Vista is a wonderful little city, full of terrific people, lakes, golf courses and surrounded by Nature and yet it’s very affordable to live here! We’ve been so fortunate to have been living here for the last 14 years and, though I could fill this page with all the things that are great about Bella Vista, but I better not. You might want to move here and I’d rather keep this little gem exactly as it is. Is that selfish of me do you think? Well, regardless, forget you read any of this!

DustieResident since 2002

Bella Vista AR – Surprising, all in a good way

Bella Vista is chock full of surprises. First, 4 distinct seasons where we boat and golf all year long. Second, wide range of housing to meet all levels of income, with low taxes. Third, the Property Owners Association maintains amazing amenities (6 lakes, 7 golf courses, over 30 miles of hiking and biking trails, pools, health centers and more) for a fee of $24 a month, Fourth, this is an active, vibrant community where it is easy to make friends and clubs/ organizations that share your interests, Fifth, virtually no crime, Sixth, 15 minutes from world class art, theater and restaurants. It doesn’t look like a ‘traditional town’ because of all the natural woods, and it’s easy to fall in love with the low stress lifestyle, availability of jobs, and the people.

Susan N.Resident since 2010

Never a regret

Retired to Bella Vista over 15 years ago from California, drawn by the beautiful golf courses and economical living. Didn’t know a soul but quickly made lots of friends through the many social organizations here. Have never regretted it!

Beverly C.Resident since 2001

Beautiful, affordable, accessible and something for every age group.

I have been coming to Bella Vista for 30 years, since I was a young adult and have always been so attracted to the natural beauty of this area. Now, living here for almost two years I am just starting to realize all of the other benefits the area brings. We feel welcomed by the community and so have experienced so many ways to be involved, there is a positive vibe and opportunities for both business and growth. The housing market is reasonable and the POA and City are transforming to meet the needs of all demographics.

Judy G.Resident since 2015

After 10 years Bella Vista is still our “heaven”

Bella Vista has it all. We found the location by sheer serendipity. As we were looking for a retirement location in our full-time RV, a couple suggested we take alook. We did by stopping off at the BV RV park. And, the rest is history. The area had everything on our “must-have list”: fly-fishing, affordable golf, social activity, great health care, an airport, reasonable taxes and amenity dues, beautiful terrain, four full seasons that aren’t extreme on either end. It is our “heaven on earth”. No kidding.

JBResident since 2007

Making new friends in Bella Vista

Making new friends in Bella Vista has been one of the easiest things imaginable. We moved here not knowing anyone and once you get active in the many amenities, golf, cards, working out, walking trails, quilting, swimming, tennis, etc., you realize no matter what age you are, you have special interests in common. Most everyone in Bella Vista is from some other state, and once you are here, you realize how lucky you are to have found the beauty that surrounds you and the warm welcome you receive from other residents.
The Property Owners Association provides a wonderful choice of amenities and there are lots of new and exciting amenities coming in the next 12-24 months.

Debbie S.Resident since 2006

Great place to live!

Bella Vista is a great place to live. Between the City government and the POA, the area is well maintained. The amenities, such as the golf courses, the tennis facilities and lakes, are well maintained and controlled. For retired age people, there are always a lot of activities happening and for young families, the area is a safe place to raise children. The addition of hiking and biking trails has brought a lot of attention to the area and high approvals from several mountain biking magazines. Cost of living is relatively low versus the rest of the country and the natural beauty surrounding Bella Vista is hard to beat. I have lived in the area for over 35 years and have never wanted to move elsewhere.

Bill L.Resident since 2008

A Dream Come True!

Never in a million years did my husband and I think we could own a home in such a beautiful area. 4 years ago, on a whim, we drove down from the Chicago area to visit relatives here in Bella Vista. We came here in early September. The scenery was so beautiful and wildlife (birds and fish) were so plentiful – we were very impressed with the area. So impressed, that we hired a realtor that weekend to find us a second home here. Luck was on our side, and we found a wonderful little house on Lake Avalon, and closed on the house in October. We just love “our” little lake! Fishing (all year!) and swimming in the lake are just two of the recreational activities we take part in. We have since moved here full time leaving the hustle and bustle – and winter – of the Northern Midwest behind. We still cannot believe how lucky we were to find out how lovely this area of the Ozarks is – and that we call it home.

CW & AWResident since 2009

Couldn’t be happier to live in Bella Vista, AR!

I recently sold my home in San Diego, CA and moved to Bella Vista, AR. I researched Bella Vista and a few surrounding cities, then flew out last November to tour in person. After touring the 3 cities that appealed to me, it was clear to me that Bella Vista would be home. I purchased a house and have been here for a month. In that time, I have been fortunate to make many connections and friends in this warm and friendly community. I have enjoyed riding my road bike on the Razorback Greenway, a 37 mile paved system (74 mile out and back!) and look forward to getting a mountain bike soon so I can also ride the Back 40 Loop, an amazing mountain bike/hike/trail run system that has been nationally recognized. Today I cheered for 3000 runners at a half marathon!

I am surrounded by the forest and the sounds of nature. I sit on my porch or deck and watch deer amble through, listen to birds, owls and tree frogs, and I can actually SEE the stars here, unlike the big city. I’ve only heard a siren once, and it was due to a neighbors smoke detectors having a false alarm. The Fire Dept was kind enough to come back and install the new alarms for her after she purchased them! Overall, my stress level has come down and I am loving the feel of a smaller town community with all the amenities of a large city very close by. I am home.

Jennifer S.Resident since 2017