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Scotsdale GCM Update

Finally seeing some break from the rain this week so we are doing…

Jack Crabtree and Dogwood Golf Course Crossing Project

The Jack Crabtree and Dogwood Golf Course Crossing Project is…

Birdies take Berksdale!

Berksdale kicked off our first Audubon International BioBlitz…

Scotsdale GCM Update

If you’ve been to Scotsdale this week you may have noticed…


Board of Directors




Golf Maintenance

Cicada Killers

Cicada killers are very large wasps, up to 1 5/8” long, that…

Scotsdale GCM Update

The last of the 3 scheduled aerations on our greens will take…

Watering Alert (Watch Out For The Greens Checkers)

Battling the Summer Heat on Bentgrass Putting Greens By Rob…

Summer Weed Control

Weed cleanup on golf courses is continually a work-in-progress.…

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