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Species Profile: Great Blue Heron

Scientific Name: Ardea herodias Common Name(s): Great Blue Heron   Identification: The…

What is Winterkill?

It’s been about 7 years since we have had more than minimal…

Aeration to Begin on Dogwood and Kingswood Courses

The POA’s golf maintenance crews will begin drill and fill…

Riparian Improvement at Berksdale

We continue to enhance the stewardship of Berksdale’s assets…


Board of Directors




Golf Maintenance

Birds and wildflowers on Berksdale Golf Course

Recognition for Resilience

Berksdale has undergone numerous transformations over the last…
A microscopic view of the virus COVID-19

Golf Course Maintenance During COVID-19

What You Can Expect to Experience With the onset of COVID-19…

Berksdale is Growing!

With 70 inches of rain (so far), it’s been a great year for…

Golf Course Weather Closure Standards

The golf course superintendents shall have the authority to delay…

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