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More Recognition For Berksdale From Audubon International

We received notice April 24th that our Water Quality Management…

Species Profile: Rubus (Genus) – Blackberry

Scientific Name: Rubus (Genus) Common Name(s): Blackberry   ,_ripening,_and_green_blackberries.jpg © Ragesoss Identification:…

Scotsdale GCM Update

The Bermuda grass has greened up and is looking great and with…

#1 Green Update

The project on #1 Green at BVCC is coming along nicely. The improved…


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Golf Maintenance

BVCC #1 Green Update

The project on #1 Green at BVCC has been a long but very beneficial…

Berksdale Bio-Blitz!

BioBlitz is a “…species counting competition designed…

Scotsdale GCM Update

Spring rains have arrived, and they have brought a mess.…

#8 White Tee Box Kingswood

On April 29 we had an irrigation mainline blow out under the…

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