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Divot Repairs on Tee and Fairway Areas

Many of our Members grew up playing golf in the northern climate…

Communication Methods

As we embark on a new year as the POA Board of Directors, part…

Species Profile: Lepomis gulosus - Warmouth, Goggle-eye, Red-eyed Bream

Lepomis gulosus – Warmouth Scientific Name: Lepomis gulosus Common…

Seeding Winterkill Areas

It is well known that Bella Vista had one of the harshest winters…


Board of Directors




Golf Maintenance

Scotsdale GCM Update

I want to remind everyone that on July 8 we will aerate greens…

2019 USGA Visit Set

Steve Kammerer, Ph.D., SE Regional Director, USGA Greens Section…

Scotsdale GCM Update

Finally seeing some break from the rain this week so we are doing…

Jack Crabtree and Dogwood Golf Course Crossing Project

The Jack Crabtree and Dogwood Golf Course Crossing Project is…

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