3 for 3 Assessment Plan 2023

Voting taking place Aug. 10th – Oct. 4th | Ballots/proxies mailed Aug. 10th.

Vote YES online…it’s easy and takes a few seconds. All property owners, improved and unimproved, are eligible to vote if you are a member in good standing as of July 31, 2022.

Online Voting

To vote online, you will receive an email with a username and password from (TIE) The Inspectors of Election Company. Go to www.tieivote.com and vote online up until 5:30pm CT, Tuesday, October 4th, 2022. If you vote online, please do not mail in the ballot/proxy.

Town Hall Meetings

Metfield | August 4th | 4pm Start – COMPLETED
Highlands | August 9th | 10am Start – COMPLETED
Riordan Hall | August 9th | 2pm Start – COMPLETED

We all love Bella Vista, and it’s up to us, as a community, to do our part to keep it thriving.


In 2020, the POA of Bella Vista made a crucial decision to raise the assessment fee.

In 2020, the first assessment increase in 19 years was coupled with a complete overhaul of the amenity usage fee structure. The plan eliminated dozens of fees and reduced many other Member fees. The 2020 plan was a huge success and we’re all enjoying the amenities we love at reasonable rates. The 2020 plan has delivered as promised and going forward, your vote “YES” to increase the assessment fee is crucial to our community.
    • Usage of all our amenities is up across the board.
    • 16,000 Members have Activity Cards — a 60% increase compared to 2019.
    • Golf course usage along with usage of the driving ranges has increased.
    • Boat registrations are up.
    • Activities at our fitness centers is at a high.
    •  Our restaurants are all doing significantly better than they were in 2019.

The increased assessment allowed us to:

  • Invest in capital improvements and to better maintain the daily operations.
  • Renovating Riordan Hall and Member Service.
  • Continue the trend of property values rising.
  • Help the POA stay on strong financial footing and invest in the future.

The promises we made with the 2020 Plan have been kept. The future is bright and with your help in this vote, the community we cherish is stronger today and will be even better tomorrow because of your decision to pass this $3 for 3 year plan.

It’s simply not possible to maintain our amenities, facilities, restaurants and community without assessment fees. It’s understandable that over time, the price to operate, maintain and improve the POA amenities will increase as the cost to operate various businesses, building and supply costs increase. However, by voting “YES” beginning August 10th, your voice will be heard. If this vote to increase the assessment fee only $3 for 3 more years does not pass, we may be forced to consider larger and more substantial assessment increases in the near future.
We learned that by keeping assessment increases small, and approving them more frequently, we can maintain the experience you’ve come to expect at Bella Vista. By voting “YES” to approve a $3 increase in your monthly assessment, we can keep usage fees exactly the same for THREE MORE YEARS.
That means 3 more years of the amenities we all love at the same cost until March 2026!

By voting “YES”, you’re voting for a smaller increase for continued benefits.

NO change in the fee structure implemented as part of the 2020 Plan.
This means Activity Card Members will enjoy continued unlimited use of our lakes, pools, beach, fitness/recreation facilities, range balls, green fees at Brittany Golf Course, and entrance to the Gun Range without paying a fee…for ANOTHER 3 years.  Fees that we eliminated and those that we reduced will remain the same.

Continue the investment.

Bella Vista put itself behind the eight ball by failing to invest through assessment increases for 19 years. It meant we had to vote for a single, large assessment to catch up. Following that same pattern will once again result in our community finding itself at another disadvantage. We can avoid the vicious cycle of continuously raising amenity fees by voting “YES” to approve smaller assessment increases, providing continued benefits. This approach ensures our community stays on strong financial footing and continues to invest in its future. Therefore, the Board is asking the Members of Bella Vista to vote for a $3 per month assessment increase for improved lots to take effect next year, in March of 2023.

Voting taking place Aug 10th – Oct 4th | Ballots/proxies mailed August 10th.

Vote YES online…it’s easy and takes a few seconds. All property owners, improved and unimproved, are eligible to vote if you are a member in good standing as of July 31, 2022.

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