Scotsdale GCM Update

Finally seeing some break from the rain this week so we are doing our best to take advantage of it. Really happy to see that golfers are out playing and enjoying the course. Greens have healed in nicely and now we are starting to get the speed back up on them. Have lowered the heights back down to where I like to keep them and seeing the speeds increase to where we intend to have them consistently.

We are also making some changes to some areas. First, we are re grassing the tee on #3 where the red markers are typically at. The area catches a lot of shade and is tough for the Bermuda to grow. Even by 11:00 am it has not been touched by the sun. Combined with the amount of traffic and the clubs typically hit off it, the Bermuda struggles. We will be switching the turf to zoysia. Zoysia has a better shade tolerance and should provide a better surface for that location.  Along with some changes to winter management I have planned, we should see a much needed improvement to that tees growth and appearance.

Next, we will be making repairs to an area on 8 cart-path. This area was damaged from the flooding and washed out the bank next to the cart path. Due to the amount of water that can potentially come thru there we are adding rip rap and concrete to solidify the bank and prevent this problem in the future. It will prevent the backwash that has occurred and help to protect the cart-path.

On 8 fairway we will be changing the fairway cut line on the second fairway. I will be bringing the rough in the front of the middle fairway back. This will aid in preventing so much ball roll that leads into the creek. With how its been cut in the past, it has made it difficult for balls to slow down in that area. The added rough should provide a little more slow down in this area and make it more playable. We will also be regrassing and amending the soil in this area to improve turf coverage and growth.  Below is a picture of the changes to the fairway cut with the yellow line the old cut and the light blue the new cut we are implementing. It shows how much short grass there is adding to the challenge of stopping the ball before it rolls into the creek.

Thank you to everyone for the support, and we hope you continue to enjoy the course. We are working hard to make improvements and provide a beautiful and enjoyable golf course. Look forward to seeing you out here!

-Kyle Soller, Scotsdale Golf Course Superintendent