Jack Crabtree and Dogwood Golf Course Crossing Project

The Jack Crabtree and Dogwood Golf Course Crossing Project is now completed and fully functional. This is a significant safety enhancement for our Members, Guests and Employees having to cross the Jack Crabtree Road.

The RRFB system (rectangular rapid flashing beacons) is located on the greenside of hole #7 and the return crossing from hole # 12 on the Dogwood Golf Course. The system may be activated by pressing the pole-mounted button which in turn will activate the caution signals for vehicular traffic traveling in both directions on Crabtree Road.

The RRFB system, when engaged, displays rectangular-shaped, high intensity signals which flash in an alternating pattern. These alternating signals provide a direct, ultra-bright concentration as well as wide angle intensity. The pattern and intensity are the same as found in emergency response vehicles, providing optimal brightness and visibility.  Compared to standard, older round beacons, this system, when coupled with warning signage, has shown an 80% or more effectiveness as opposed to 15% to 20% in older systems.

This system is only as effective as when it is utilized.  Everyone must continue to use vigilance when crossing Crabtree Road. While the RRFB system has been shown to greatly enhance safety, it cannot eliminate “distracted drivers”. Please take those few extra seconds to help ensure your safety.