Birdies take Berksdale!

Berksdale kicked off our first Audubon International BioBlitz event with a field day May 22nd. Golf staff members were joined by our resident ecologists from Lakes, Parks, and Fisheries and members of the Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalists group. We spent several hours exploring multiple micro habitats around the course, noting the various plant and animal species we encountered. The Bella Vista Birders came out the morning of the 24th and were able to identify 55 unique feathered species. Our special guest was young Master Quin Warsaw, who captured some amazing photographs with his keen eye for detail (

For the week of May 22-28, golfers were provided “Wildlife Scorecards” to be used while they played their round. The infamous snack-grabbing squirrelasaurus took top honors as most frequently sighted; our resident blue heron population remains a favorite. We will continue to have the limited edition “BioBlitz at Berksdale” decals available in the Kingsdale Pro Shop, as well as Audubon International’s “Golf and Wildlife Activity Book”. We look forward to BioBlitz becoming an annual tradition and hope it will encourage a greater appreciation of all Berksdale has to offer.

-Wendy Barnes, Berksdale Assistant Superintendent,