More Recognition For Berksdale From Audubon International

We received notice April 24th that our Water Quality Management and Water Conservation submissions were accepted. Many thanks to Chris Fuller and his team with the Lake Ecology and Water Quality department for sampling and providing detailed water quality assessments over the last couple of years.  We are proud to say Little Sugar Creek leaves Berksdale healthier than it comes in. Our water quality is further demonstrated by its ability to support the aquaculture program guided by Rick Echols. We are in our third year of helping raise stock for the Bella Vista lakes.

Water conservation on golf courses is a key topic nationally. While we sometimes suffer from over- abundance on Berksdale, we remain mindful of using our resources wisely. Our irrigation system is constantly monitored and adjusted to minimize water usage while providing satisfactory playing conditions. The restructuring from 18 holes to 9, coupled with our increase in naturalized acreage, has further allowed us to reduce water consumption. All irrigation water is pumped directly from Little Sugar Creek; we can take pride in knowing that this resource is protected for all forms of use.

Wendy Barnes, Berksdale Assistant Superintendent