Scotsdale GCM Update

The groundhog predicted an early spring but the weather is being true Arkansas weather with warm days followed by very cold days. We have been doing our best to open up the greens for play as much as we can, but it looks like the beginning of March is bringing winter back and we will have to cover for it. As we move into spring and the greens begin to transition out of dormancy, we will have to be extra careful with when we cover. Once they begin actively growing, late spring frost can do damage if not properly prepared. That means when temperature gets below 32 degrees and a heavy frost is expected, we will have to cover for it even if the day temps around it are good. This is a critical time for the plant and not covering for a heavy frost could set the turf back and delay complete green-up even longer.

This is also the time of year we begin our weed control processes. We are currently putting out a post-emergent herbicide to control any late season winter weeds along with our pre-emergent herbicide that will control weeds into the spring and summer. This helps us to control our weed population more efficiently and keep the turf cleaner looking. By keeping weeds under control, we give the Bermuda a better opportunity to grow healthier and provide a better playing surface. At Scotsdale with our Bermuda greens, we have the advantage of being able to control weeds around and on greens better with select herbicides. This is a common practice used with Bermuda greens.

Besides all the covering and uncovering and back again, we have continued to limb up trees and remove dead branches to improve overall appearance and play ability.  Things are looking good and we are excited for everyone to enjoy the course this season.