Did You Know?

All Bella Vista golf courses abide by a “Pair Up Policy” in which we try to pair single golfers and twosomes to make complete groups of four. There are reasons why the foursome is best for the golf course. The first is PACE OF PLAY. Foursomes are the most common and most efficient way of getting the most players on the course when demand is high.


Second, it is no fun being the only twosome on the course, having to wait to play your shots on every hole because the foursome ahead of you is naturally slower. It’s also no fun to be the foursome playing at the appropriate pace but constantly feeling the need to step aside and let twosomes play through. Of course, singles and doubles playing on a busy course cannot expect to play through. If the course is jammed, it is much better to be paired up with others. Certainly, if the course is not overly busy, letting smaller and faster groups play through is the right thing to do.


If you want to go out by yourself, you can do that too. Just try to pick times when the course is not as busy. You can call the course directly and we will be more than happy to assist you with what times will be best.


Our final reason for using our Pair Up Policy is to maximize our revenue per tee time. We have a finite number of tee times during our peak hours and we need to make the most out of these times. Our goal is to accommodate as many golfers in as close proximity to their desired starting time as possible.