2016 Election FAQs

Wed, April 13, 2016 | Board and Administration

QWhat does Proposed Declaration change 1 mean to me?

A – This proposed Declaration currently requires a two-thirds majority of all property owners to vote in favor to approve any changes to the Declaration.  This unreasonably high threshold makes any changes to the Declaration almost impossible to accomplish.  The proposed change would require a majority of the property owners in good standing to vote to establish a quorum, but would require two-thirds of those who voted for approval.  Even with the proposed change, it will still prove to be challenging to get changes made to the Declaration, yet with the proposed change it would make the approval process more reasonable.
QWhat does Proposed Declaration change 2 mean to me?

A – This proposed Declaration currently requires a three year delay in the implementation of any Declaration changes approved by the property owners.  Even if there was an urgent need, the POA would have to wait three years to implement an approved change, regardless of the need.  The proposed change to the Declaration would streamline the implementation timetable, but no changes to the Declaration would ever be retroactive.

QWhat does Proposed Declaration change 3 mean to me?

A – This proposed Declaration does not currently allow property owners to assign their privilege of amenity use to long term renters.  The proposed change would allow long term renters (90 days or longer) the use of the amenities.  By assigning their usage rights to a long term renter, the property owner would no longer have the right to use the amenities, thus avoiding double usage by a single property owner.  The property owner would still retain the right to vote.  It is the decision of the property owner whether they will assign the usage rights to their long term renter.

Q -Why did I hear from this company, and who are they?

A – The POA hired an outside company to conduct our board election this year.  The company’s name is “The Inspectors of Election”.

Q – Is this a scam? 

A – The POA did extensive research prior to hiring this company; and I can assure you they are legitimate.

Q – How much is the POA spending on using an outside company?

A – The POA found this company to be the most efficient and cost effective; and felt the members would appreciate our efforts to protect their security.  The POA believes any additional costs will be offset by the increase in ballots returned since there are now two options of voting available for our members.

Q – I lost my ballot.  How do I get a new one? 

A – You can contact The Inspectors of Election at 800-350-8333 or send them an email to info@tieivote.com.

Q – My husband and I own two properties.  Why was the ballot only sent to my husband?  Why don’t I get to vote? 

A – Your husband is listed as the primary on the account because he was listed first on the recorded deed.  However you and your husband decide to vote, it will be multiplied by two since you own two properties.

Q – I bought a home in April, but I didn’t get a ballot.

A – The cutoff for members to be in good standing was March 31st.

Q – I closed on my home March 28th, but I didn’t get a ballot. 

A – Unfortunately, we had not yet received the recorded deed, so you weren’t in our system by the cutoff date of March 31st.

Q – What is this number at the top of the ballot?

A – The number is referred to as the weight of your ballot which is determined by the number of properties you own and were in good standing as of March 31st.

Q – I am an owner of multiple lots, why did I only receive one ballot?

A – Each member will receive one ballot, which represents all the individual properties for which the member is “in good standing” (current with assessment payments), as of March 31, 2016. The number of such properties appears below your name and address on the ‘Step 1’ page of your packet. If you feel the number on the ballot is incorrect, please contact Membership Services Manager Connie Willoughby at (479) 855-5020 or Membership Services Assistant Manager Carmen Dissing at (479) 855-5022.

Q – What is the definition of “Member in Good Standing”?

A – A member in good standing is defined in the association’s Bylaws, as “One whose assessments and/or fees to the POA are no more than 90 days past due as determined by management and whose privileges are not currently suspended.”

Q Do I need to write my Subdivision/Block/Lot (SBL) number on the Ballot?

A – No. The Official Ballot contains a bar code, which recognizes each member by their SBL and customer numbers.

QWhen is my Official Ballot due?

A – There are two ‘due’ dates, depending on the voting method you choose. Mailed ballots must be received by, Friday May 13 at 5:00 pm. Votes placed online will be processed until 5:00 pm Tuesday, May 17. You can only vote once. The vote received by TIEIVOTE first is the vote that is counted.

QDo I have to vote the same way on each issue?

A – No. Property owners are able to vote separately on each issue.

QWho should I contact if I have questions regarding the proposed changes to the Declarations and Protective Covenants?

A – You may send questions to info@BellaVistaPOA.com or call the association’s toll free line (866) 242-1361 or (479) 855-8000.

For assistance or questions on the balloting process, please contact The Inspectors of Election at info@tieivote.com or 800-850-8333. Office hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time Zone, Monday through Friday.