Lakes and ParksFri, July 28, 2017

Scientific Name: Najas guadalupensis, Caulinia guadalupensis Common Name(s): Southern Naiad, Bushy Pondweed, Guppy Grass, Southern Waternymph Scientific Name: Najas marina Common Name(s): Brittle Naiad Southern Naiad (left) and Brittle Naiad (right)   Identification: Southern naiad Najas guadalupensis is a rooted, native aquatic plant that is commonly mistaken for the similar sago pondweed Potamogeton pectinatus and widgeon grass

Lakes and ParksFri, June 23, 2017

Scientific Name: Copepoda; Daphnia; Volvox Common Name(s): Copepod; Water Flea; Volvox Identification: Plankton is a generalized term for microscopic or nearly microscopic plants and animals that float in a water body.  Zooplankton refers to the tiny animals, and phytoplankton refers to the tiny plants.  There are many species of plankton and every water body may

Lakes and ParksWed, May 31, 2017

The Bella Vista Fly Tyers Club hosted a fishing derby on May 17 at Lake Windsor.  Approximately 125 students from the 4th grade at Baker Elementary school, plus teachers and some parents, attended.  20 members of the Fly Tyers helped fix tackle and instruct the students on basic fishing techniques. POA

Lakes and ParksThu, April 27, 2017

The new small boat rack is nearly complete and will be available for use beginning on Monday, May 1. The upper rack and the lower right quadrant will be used for kayaks, canoes, and other narrow boats, while the lower left quadrant will be used for paddle boats and jon

Lakes and ParksWed, April 26, 2017

Scientific Name:               Dorosoma cepedianum Common Name(s):         Gizzard Shad, Shad   Identification:                                                                           The gizzard shad, Dorosoma cepedianum, is commonly mistaken for the similar threadfin shad, Dorosoma petenense.  They can be easily distinguished by the overhanging upper jaw in the gizzard shad, and by the absence of yellow coloration in the gizzard shad’s fins.  Adult