Blowing Springs Park and Trails

Blowing Springs Walking and Biking Trails offers 6.3 miles of natural-surface trails at Blowing Springs Park in Bella Vista. The rolling contour trails range from two to three feet wide. The trails are designed to be used by pedestrians and mountain bikers of all age and skill levels. The trails have been designed to take advantage of the park’s natural beauty, including its many bluff lines, springs, caverns and established natural habitat. One of the trails’ highlights is a 30-foot bridge that leaves a rock shelf to connect to the trail below that winds around to a “natural air-conditioned cavern,” which releases 60 degree air. The trail system includes a total of eight bridges and 15 benches. Given the terrain, some of the trails are inherently more challenging; however, the trail was built with safety and sustainability in mind.

To view a map of the trail, click here.

Directions  (from Town Center on Arkansas 340/Lancashire Boulevard): Take U.S. 71 south. Turn left on Dartmoor Road.

The Back 40 Trail System

The first sections of The Back 40 opened August 6th. The remainder of the nearly 40-mile system of soft-surface multi-use trails are still under construction, with plans to be completed this fall!

To see the most current version of the map, CLICK HERE.


Buckingham Trailhead — Trafalgar Road and Buckingham Drive

From U.S. 71 northbound: Right (east) on Trafalgar Road for 1.2 miles, left on Buckingham Drive. The trailhead is on the right.

Lake Ann Trailhead — Castleford Drive and Wem Lane

From U.S. 71 northbound: Right (east) on Trafalgar Road for 3.8 miles, left on Castleford Drive. The trailhead is on the left after one-quarter mile.

Bear Hollow Trailhead — Gainford Drive and Gosforth Lane

From U.S. 71 northbound: Right (east) off exit 98 (Lancashire Blvd.) for 3.2 miles, left on Gainsford Drive. The trailhead is on the left after 350 feet.