Declaration and Covenants

Article I. Definitions.
Article II. Property Subject to This Declaration
Section 1. Existing Property.
Section 2. Additions to Existing Property.
Section 3. Additions Limited to Developer.

Article III. Membership and Voting Rights in the Club.
Section 1. Membership.
Section 2. Voting Rights.
Section 3. Associate Members.
ARTICLE IV. Utility Easements
Section 1. Reservations of Utility Easements.
ARTICLE V. Reserved Properties
Section 1. Real Properties Designated as “Reserved Properties”
Section 2. Utilities Reserved from Declaration.
ARTICLE VI. Plan for Construction and Maintenance of Common Properties
Section 1. Water System.
Section 2. Roads and Streets.
Section 3. Lakes, Golf Course, Permanent Parks and Permanent Recreational Plots.
ARTICLE VII. Plan for Construction and Maintenance of Limited Common Properties
Section 1. Construction and Maintenance.
Section 2.Upon the failure of the owners of the property entitled
ARTICLE VIII. Property Rights of the Common Properties
Section 1. Members’ and Associate Members’ Easement of Enjoyment.
Section 2. Title to Common Properties.
Section 3. Extent of Members’ and Associate Members’ Easements.
Section 4. Parking Rights.
ARTICLE IX. Property Rights of the Limited Common Properties
Section 1. Owners’ Easement of Enjoyment.
Section 2. Title to Limited Common Properties.
ARTICLE X. Covenant for Maintenance Assessments
Section 1. Creation of Lien.
Section 2. Purpose of Assessments.
Section 3. Basis and Maximum of Annual Assessments.
Section 4. Special Assessments for Capital Improvements.
Section 5. Change in Basis of Maximum of Annual Assessments.
Section 6. Quorum for Any Action Authorized Under Sections 4 and 5.
Section 7. Date of Commencement of Annual Assessments: Due Date.
Section 8. Duties of the Board of Directors.
Section 9. Delegation of Collection of Assessment.
Section 10. Effect of Non-Payment of Assessment; The Lien; Remedies of Club.
Section 11. Subordination of the Lien to Mortgages.
Section 12. Exempt Property.
ARTICLE XI. Party Walls.
Section 1. General Rules of Law to Apply.
Section 2. Sharing of Repair and Maintenance.
Section 3. Destruction by Fire or Other Casualty.
Section 4. Weatherproofing.
Section 5. Right to Contribution Runs with Land.
Section 6. Arbitration.
ARTICLE XII. Architectural Control Committee.
Section 1. Review by Committee.
ARTICLE XIII. Exterior Maintenance.
Section 1.In the event the Owner of any Lot or Living Unit
Section 2. Assessment of Cost.
Section 3. Access at Reasonable Hours.
ARTICLE XIV. Protective Covenants.
ARTICLE XV. General Provisions.
Section 1. Duration.
Section 2. Notices.
Section 3. Enforcement.
Section 4. Assignment Transfer or Conveyance by Developer.

1. Application.
2. Architectural Control Committee.
3. Amendment, Rescission or Additions.
4. Zoning.
5. Resubdivision.
6. Temporary Structures.
7. Setbacks.
8. Side Yards.
9. Land Near Lakes, Golf Courses, Permanent Parks, Permanent Recreational Plots.
10. Construction of Buildings.
11. Time for Completion of Building.
12. Electric Wiring and Plumbing.
13. Sewage Disposal.
14. Water Supply.
15. Outbuildings.
16. Protective Screening.
17. Sight Distance at Intersections.
18. Signs.
19. Model Houses.
20. Businesses Prohibited in Residential Areas.
21. Easements.
22. Nuisances.
23. Livestock and Poultry.
24. Garbage and Refuse Disposal.
25. Oil and Mining Operation.
26. Protective Covenants Enforcement
27. A.C.C Responsibility