Governing Documents

Declaration and Covenants
The Declaration is the document which governs the Bella Vista Property Owners Association and explains the overall structure of the community.  It identifies the parties involved in the community and sets forth the rights, powers and privileges of each, including how they relate to and interact with the other parties.  The developer, Architectural Control Committee and Property Owners Association all work together for the benefit of the members.

The Protective Covenants regulate the use and maintenance of property within the Property Owners Association.  It details what actions are allowed and what actions are prohibited on property within the community.”

Articles Of Incorporation
The corporate document that sets out the framework, purpose and methods of operation of the POA. This document gives a very broad view of the role of the corporation.

Bella Vista Bylaws
Corporate document that sets out the powers and duties of the Board of Directors, officers and management and establishes the different divisions and Committees of the POA. This document is more detailed and provides guidelines for how the POA will handle its major corporate functions, such as meetings, voting and elections.

Bella Vista Property Owners Association Policy
This establishes a course of action for the Board of Directors to take on various issues to help expedite and standardize the process.

Simplified Parliamentary Procedures
Provides the procedure under which all Board meetings are conducted and how motions are presented and voted on.

Governing Documents Under Board Review

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